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"You lead the dance of the fire-breathing stars; you are master of the voices of
the night. True-born child of Zeus, appear, my lord, with your Thyiad attendants,
who in frenzy all night long dance in your house, Iacchus, dispenser of gifts."
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Sophocles: Antigone

"What kind of messenger could come in speed like this?
Hephaestus, who cast forth the shining blaze from Ida. And beacon after beacon
picking up the flare carried it here; Ida to the Hermaean horn of Lemnos, where
it shone above the isle, and next the sheer rock face of Zeus on Athos caught it up;
and plunging skyward to arch the shoulders of the sea the strength of the running
flare in exultation, pine timbers flaming into gold, like the sunrise, brought the bright
message to Macistus' sentinel cliffs, who, never slow nor in the carelessness of sleep
caught up, sent on his relay in the courier chain, and far across Euripus' streams the
beacon flare carried to signal watchmen on Messapion.
These took it again in turn, and heaping high a pile of silvery brush flamed it to throw
the message on. And the flare sickened never, but grown stronger yet outleapt the
river valley of Asopus like the very moon for shining, to Cithaeron's scaur to waken
the next station of the flaming post.
These watchers, not contemptuous of the far-thrown blaze, kindled another beacon
vaster than commanded. The light leaned high above Gorgopis' staring marsh, and
striking Aegyplanctus' mountain top, drove on yet one more relay, lest the flare die
down in speed.
Kindled once more with stintless heaping force, they send the beard of flame to
hugeness, passing far beyond the promontory that gazes on the Saronic strait and
flaming far, until it plunged at last to strike the steep rock of Arachnus near at hand,
our watchtower. And thence there fell upon this house of Atreus' sons the flare
whose fathers mount to the Idaean beacon. These are the changes on my torchlight
messengers, one from another running out the laps assigned. The first and the last
sprinters have the victory. By such proof and such symbol I announce to you my lord
at Troy has sent his messengers to me."

Aeschylus: Agamemnon

“..They saw that in that realm thousands of luminous suns and
millions of moons and stars were like a tiny atom of dust.”

Farid-Ud-Din Attar: Conference of the Birds